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  Double Glazed Sash Windows

Most if not all double glazed sashes suffer from some or all of the following problems:

  • Glazing bars are made much too wide in order to hide the double glazed  unit edge seals
  • Glazing bars do not have the correct moulding  detail Glazing bars are stuck on to the glass
  • Meeting rail splay or rebate is pinned on
  • External glazing bones are stuck on to the glass
  • Glazing beads used instead of putty
  • Mock  external putty line stuck on to glass

The above design details result in a poorly made and visually unacceptable sash window.

W. & J. Bolger double glazed sash windows are very different:

  • Glazing bars are exact match of original bars
  • Sashes are correctly made - glazing bars are not stuck on
  • External glazing bones are not stuck on. They are housed into the sash in a lattice frame
  • Sashes are putty glazed on the outside

The result is that Bolger double glazed sashes are by far the best made and by far the most authentic double glazed sashes available.

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  Sash Window Renovation
spacer Sash being restored   spacer   Shelbourne Renassiance Hotel, Dublin 2   spacer   Mansion House, Dublin 2

W&J Bolger is Ireland's market leader in restoration and performance upgrading of existing sliding sash windows. Drawing on over 100 years of experience and expertise we can completely renovate almost all period sash windows, on site, and improve their original quality. Our workmanship enables our clients to retain their unique, valuable, architectural feature in its original form, remaining true to the timeless style of the property.

Sash windows are an integral part of the character of your period home. However draughts, decay, high heating bills, traffic noise and windows refusing to open, can be quite a compromise. We can solve all of these problems to that you can enjoy a new world of comfort and convenience.

Our skilled team repair or replace any areas of rot, and with the introduction of a high performance draughtproofing system your windows will:

  • Be draught proof
  • Be energy efficient
  • Slide up and down easily
  • Add value to your property

We have been repairing and draught proofing existing sash windows since 1988.

We assure you that you will be totally satisfied with the end result.

Stages of a typical Sash Window Renovation Project
After your initial enquiry with our office we will follow up with a detailed inspection of your windows together with a written report and estimate. This service is free of charge in residential circumstances. Ordinarily with commercial projects there is a report fee which is waved upon the awarding of the project.

Work to your windows will be carried out by a team of experienced carpenters on site and will include:

  • Fitting a draughtproofing system
  • Replacing sash cords
  • Rebalancing weights
  • Replacing staff beads & parting beads
  • Repairing or replacing frames and sashes
  • Ensuring easy sliding action

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  New Sash Windows
New sash windows     Bespoke sash & door     Double glazed sash window

Whether you want to replace aluminium or pvc windows, fit traditional sash windows into a new house or build the perfect extension onto your period home, the choice of windows and doors is so important.

At W&J Bolger, we make the most beautiful sash windows, French doors, complimentary shutters and architraves. We take great pride in our ability to match original moulding details so that your windows and doors will look like they were always there; not like modern copies.

And of course your windows will not only look beautiful, they will slide with ease, will be draught proof, sound proof and rattle free.

Your new windows, doors and surrounds will be manufactured in Acoyya® wood. Accoya® is guaranteed against rot for 50 years. Accoya® is guaranteed to shrink and swell less than any other joinery timber. What is more Accoya® has exceptional coatings performance which means that it holds paint much better than other types of wood – you will have to
re-paint less frequently.


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  New Period Joinery
New opening and replica window Lyons Estate new orangery window New casement window
New internal victorian door

We design, manufacture and fit Period Joinery including:

  • Window Surrounds (shutters & architraves)
  • Internal Doors
  • French Doors
  • Hall Doors
  • Door Architraves
  • Skirting, Dado to match existing features as required

W&J Bolger can manufacture your new windows, doors and surrounds in Accoya® wood. Accoya® is guaranteed against rot for 50 years. Accoya® is guaranteed to shrink and swell less than any other joinery timber. What is more Accoya® has exceptional coatings performance which means that it holds paint much better than other types of wood – you will have to re-paint less frequently .


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  Traditional Sun Rooms
Exterior private sunroom Interior private sunroom
Fern House Avoca

If you are planning your dream Sun Room or Conservatory then look no further than W&J Bolger for the most beautiful windows, French doors, architraves and skirting.

We will ensure that your new windows, French doors, architraves and shutters, if you choose, are all exact replicas of those in the existing house. Then your new sun room will compliment your existing property perfectly.

Your builder needs to ensure that he uses matching materials such as slates, bricks, gutters and granite cills, to the period style, of the orignal house. The effect then will be seamless.

It is our goal upon completion, that it is credible that your new sun room was in fact an original part of your home.

Your new windows and doors will be manufactured in Accoya® wood giving you the peace of mind that a 50 year guarantee against rot brings.

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  Painting Service
DunLaoghaire Town Hall New windows & surrounds
New traditional sash window

In order to maintain the superior draught proof properties of your Perimeter Sealing System, great care should be taken when painting sash windows over time. The brush system should not be damaged by paint.

Please ensure that you painter familiarises themselves with the correct procedure for painting sash windows with a draught proofing system fitted, ensuring the protection.

If the draughtproofing brush pile becomes damaged by paint this will result in an increase in draughts and an increase in outside noise. It can also result in the windows becoming stuck and in some cases will result in the brush pile becoming detached.

To avoid the risk of having your draughtproofing system damaged by painters who do not fully understand the system please contact us. We can recommend a Painting Contractor whose crews have been fully trained in how to remove and re fit the brush pile, thereby protecting the system.

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