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Case Studies
  Case Study 1 – OPW
    Dept. of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Client: Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Kildare Street, Dublin 2
Main Contractor: Foreman Construction

W&J Bolger Ltd. won a competitive tender to restore and upgrade more than 350 existing windows in this landmark building in Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Working closely with the main contractor we ensured that the job was completed within time and on budget.

As the building was in full use while work was underway, it was necessary to acutely manage the scheduling to ensure minimum disturbance to the occupants

Each window was fitted with a high performance perimeter sealing system. Now the windows are more thermally efficient resulting in greatly improved comfort levels for the occupants. The windows are true to the period design of the building. The draughtproofing system is practically invisible so the appearance of the windows has not been affected.

New sash cords were fitted throughout; sashes were rebalanced ensuring efficient sliding action. As part of the works we replaced 56 sashes exactly matching the originals. A number of frame cills, pulley stile ends and casing ends were replaced using exactly matching sections.

Project Value: €250,000

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  Case Study 2 – OPW
    St. David's CBS, Artane, Dublin

Client: Department of Education
Project: St. David's CBS, Artane, Dublin 5

Following extensive discussions with architect Mr. Brian Leech of Nolan Quinlan Architects W&J Bolger Ltd. were chosen to repair and draughtproof 210 existing sash windows at St. David's School, Artane.

W&J Bolger demonstrated that each draughty window in the building presented the equivalent of a minimum of a 6" x 6" hole around it. With more than 210 windows the building was suffering from the equivalent of a 50 square foot hole. The unique system closes off this gap whilst improving the sliding action of the windows. The enormous potential for energy saving played a large part in the architect's decision-making process when awarding the job.

Each window was fitted with a high performance perimeter sealing system. Cords were also replaced and weights re balanced.

W&J Bolger worked closely with a painting contractor including fitting temporary screens facilitating painting sliding sashes on the ground.

As the school was fully operational during the period of the works, scheduling work was centred on the school principal's needs.

A number of sashes beyond repair were replaced with exact copies of the originals.

A number of replacement frame cills, pulley stile ends and outer casing ends were also fitted.

Project Value: €236,000

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  Case Study 3 – Large Commercial
    All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin 9

Client: All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin 9

W&J Bolger were selected by architects Robinson Keefe & Devane to restore and upgrade the performance of 140 existing sash windows at All Hallows College. W&J Bolger were able to show that their high performance perimeter sealing exceeds the highest standard (Class C) of BS6375 Part 1, 2004 in respect of air leakage which tests to 600Pa - the equivalent of 71mph winds.

W&J Bolger was also able to show that their draughtproofing system installed into an existing sash window achieves approximately 75% of the energy rating of a double glazed unit

Each window was fitted with the perimeter sealing system which allows for removal of sliding sashes to facilitate future painting and maintenance work. Windows were re corded and weights adjusted to ensure easy sliding action. Solid brass centre catches and finger lifts were fitted.

W&J Bolger managed the painting contractor on this project to ensure minimum disruption for the client.

The windows now open and close with ease whilst the occupants are enjoying a whole new world of comfort.

Project Value: €203,000

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  Case Study 4 – Domestic
    New traditional window     New windows, Private Residence, Dublin 4


Client: Private, Sandymount, Dublin 4

The existing Victorian house had inappropriate aluminum windows fitted.

W&J Bolger became involved at an early stage and designed 18 new sash windows together with traditional architraves and shutters. Both operational shutters and fixed shutters (where a closing facility was not required) were created.

Particular attention was paid to ensuring that the correct dimensions and moulding details were used for the windows and surrounds. The result is that it is almost impossible to tell that the new windows and surrounds are not original to the property

Working closely with the stone contractor on this job was very important as the entire building was re clad in granite.

As confirmed in writing our client is delighted with the results 'the new windows look original to the house, they slide up and down with ease and are totally draughtproof in even the strongest east coast winds'.

Project Value: €50,000

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  Case Study 5 – Off Site Restoration

Client: Private Security Authority
Joinery: W&J Bolger Ardee St Dublin 8
Project: RIC Barracks / Private Security Authority, Tipperary Town
Main Contractor: Collins Building & Civil Engineers
Architect: Helen Toppin Architects, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
Architect: Office of Public Works

W&J Bolger won a tender to restore and upgrade 50+ original sash windows in the former RIC Barracks in Tipperary Town.

The successful tenderer had to prove their ability to carry out very detailed restoration of the original sashes, to the satisfaction of the conservation architect, on the project.

The project involved removing more than 50 pairs of sashes to our workshop in Dublin where the following works were carried out:

  • Remove existing glass
  • Strip all paint
  • Replace glazing bone to approximately 50% of sashes
  • Replace entire glazing bars to approximately 20 sashes
  • Replace bottom rails to approximately 20 sashes
  • Replace approximately 15 sashes that were beyond repair
  • Reglaze sashes
  • Prime paint

Original frames were repaired on site.

Whilst the sashes were off site W & J Bolger blocked up the openings with Perspex in order to provide natural light for other trades on site.

Restored sashes were returned to site, re fitted into the repaired frames and fitted with the a high performance draughtproofing system.

The building is now returned to its former glory whilst the occupants enjoy the benefits of fully draughtproofed windows that are easy to use.

Project Value: €200,000

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  Case Study 6 – Commercial, On Site Restoration
    Legion of Mary, 28 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1

Client: Legion of Mary, 28 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1
Conservation Architect: Delia Graham, Alistair Cody Architects, Belfast

W&J Bolger was chosen to restore the windows in this period four storey building.

Conforming with strict guidelines as set down by the Conservation Architect on the project was a pre requisite for this project.

W&J Bolger first carried out a detailed inspection of the windows and submitted a window by window report for approval by the Conservation Architect.

Having agreed the scope of works W&J Bolger agreed a work schedule with the client thereby causeing minimal disruption to the occupants.

11 existing window frames were repaired including fitting 8 new frame cills, 18 new box ends and 18 new casing ends.

Two windows had entirely new frames fitted.

21 new sashes were fitted. In each case the new sash was an exact copy of the original and was to the complete satisfaction of the conservation architect.

All windows were fitted with a high performance perimeter sealing system, resulting in greatly improved comfort levels for the occupants along with a noticeable improvement in soundproofing. The occupants now enjoy opening and closing the windows where previously they reported that they were almost impossible to open or close.

As confirmed in writing below; our client is delighted with the results:

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